* Mom's Basement Gaming is a Semi-hardcore Raiding Guild.

What this means is that not all of us have 40+ hours a week to play this game but we do take our 8 hours of raiding seriously. Though we are not competing for server firsts, progression at a timely manner is expected. The goal that I have for our team in WoD and beyond is for us to be one of the top Mythic raid teams on the server. If a member in this guild does not think that it is feasible then I believe they are in the wrong guild.

* What you can expect from the GM and Officers is transparent leadership. We are not scheming behind anyone's back and we will be up front with the guild at all times. If there are any concerns about any issue, please feel free to speak to one or all of us together or individually.

* Mom's Basement Gaming employs a "Core 24" Raid Team Philosophy. We will make all attempts to maintain a 24 person Core Raid Team to allow us flexibility during absences and to play towards our strengths during raid encounters. All 24 members will get in each week and should not have too many less boss kills than other members who perform the same Main Spec role. Core Raiders are NOT Backups. 85% attendance is required and you must be present for the entire raid to receive full attendance. There may be backup raiders in the guild (Members), but if you are in (or applying for) a Core Raider spot, the above applies to you.

* During progression, an attempt will be made to be as fair as possible while at the same time putting the guild's best foot forward -- people will be put into the raid or asked to step out depending on ability or strength during certain encounters if the situation calls for it. While this could be viewed as unfair to some, this is for the benefit of the guild. As such, trying to carry out an argument with the Officers during raid time about the validity of these decisions is not beneficial to the raid itself. Please wait until a break in the raid or after the raid to air your concerns. However, constructive suggestions are always welcome (though please do wait between pulls to give these, as well).

* Our road will not be an easy one. There will be nights that make us want to scream at the top of our lungs, and progression may stall. This is why we must be diligent and adhere to our Core Values.


To Prepare, Focus, Execute and Persevere with Integrity each and every raid.

* Prepare
Show up early. Know the encounters, mechanics and strategies. Have your gear ready. Flasks, Pots and Feasts may be provided by the guild, just ask for them before the raid.

* Focus
Don't lose sight of the goal. Stay cool, calm and collected on every pull.

* Execute
Use cooldowns, trinkets and potions appropriately. Maneuver properly against the encounter mechanics. Maintain good position. Play smart. Use your resources efficiently.

* Persevere
Withstand and outlast the difficulties we will encounter. Endure the wipes and fight through the pain.

* Integrity
Always do the right thing. Be transparent. Practice discipline. Take personal accountability for your actions. Do what you say.


These policies are being set up due to the needs of the guild as a living, breathing entity. It's not there to help one or a small amount of players, but rather to ensure that we are ALL able to make the best of the raid time. It is not only for the benefit of the guild, but for the benefit of each individual player, as in the end, all of it combined should improve our ability to down bosses and make this guild worth the time investment.


* All Raid members will treat others within the guild with courtesy and respect at all times. This includes both on the forums, in game and on Vent. Raging and negative comments are not tolerated.

* A big part of raiding is understanding that you are not the best at your class. You should always be seeking ways to improve at playing your class. As such, seeking and accepting constructive criticism is crucial to improving your performance and contributing your very best to the guild.

* World of Log parses can be found HERE, so do take the opportunity to check up on how you are doing. Parses can also be used to ask for assistance and critiques both from your fellow guild members, any Officer, and from the wider World of Warcraft community.

* Debate over stats, talents, play style, specs, etc. are all healthy and in the best interest of the guild. The guild cannot grow without such conversations. Each member is asked to listen to what other members have to say with respects to recommendations and feedback.

* Should any guild member have issues with another guild member, they are expected to converse with that member in an attempt to work out the problem. If you feel this is not leading to a favorable result, then bring the issue to the attention of an Officer.

* We, as you are all well aware, are heavily dependent upon recruiting and, at times, pugging to get things done. To preserve the guild’s image as a skilled and fun place to raid, please be aware of how you present yourself to those who are not in the guild. This includes but is not limited to insulting LFRs, PuGs, making inappropriate commentary in trade chat, or generally broadcasting negativity to any public channel where a non-guild member may hear it. A good reputation is difficult to maintain and nothing on the internet is temporary, it’s important to put on your best face in public. You’re wearing our guild tag and anything you do can be associated with the guild as a whole.

* On a general note, how you choose to approach a given raid has a profound impact on how you and others perform. Simply stepping into a raid where everyone is certain we’re going to wipe all night can result in that very thing happening. Remember to stay upbeat and instead of despairing over what we may not appear to be capable of, think of productive solutions for immediate problems. Every little bit helps in improving overall morale and giving the raid the boost it needs to finish out a particularly grueling night of progression content. This also begs the question: How do you eat an elephant? Take what appears to be an overwhelming amount of difficulty in mechanics and break it down, piece by piece.


* Raid spots will be determined based by guild rankings in the following order:

1. Core Raiders
2. Recruits
3. Members
4. Friends and Family / Non-Guild Members

* The Raid Leader, in accordance with the Officers, has full discretion on determining raid composition, however, will make every attempt to follow the above priority.

* The Raid Leader, in accordance with the Officers, will also make every attempt to ensure the fairness in alternating members for the purpose of raiding. It must be understood by all guild members that this is SECONDARY to progression.

* Please stay up to date on class mechanics, Best in Slot (BiS) lists, and any sites that may help you determine the ideal gemming, glyphing, and optimizing your character at any point in time. For most classes, stat priorities can change within the same raid tier so it’s important to know when that happens and when it applies to you. Raiding involves understanding that the game is in a constant state of evolution and keeping up with your class-related theorycrafting is absolutely essential if you want to perform your best come raid night.

* Your performance will always be monitored by Officers; should an Officer feel that your performance is sub-par, attempts will be made to assist with improving it. If it is not up to the level which the guild Officers feel is satisfactory, you may be demoted to Member (or denied Core status at the end of your recruitment period) at the Officer’s discretion. All demotions are subject to GM approval.

*If you intend to raid with us on progression encounters, it is expected of each and every member to come to a new fight having read the strategy, watched the videos, or anything that will ultimately result in them knowing precisely what you have to do. It wastes time to come to a new boss, spend fifteen minutes explaining it, and ultimately come away with maybe half the raid understanding what’s going on. Do your homework. It’s part of Raiding 101 and it is also a requirement for raiding with us.

* Being able to perform with more than one spec is very important to the guild. For hybrid classes, one of those specs may very well be an entirely different role than your main spec. While this is not something we fully expect from every raider, part of raiding at your best, is knowing your other specs and roles and being capable of performing them should we require it of you. This includes having an alternate spec prepared as your secondary spec, including glyphs, action bars, and gear if applicable. Gear does not have to be full BiS, but it’s fairly easy to put together at least a minimum raid ilvl set using the tools Blizzard has given its players (Dungeons, LFR, Flex, Heroic Scenarios gear). This is especially important given the nature of the attrition every guild faces. If we can put you in your offspec over a PuG, we should be able to do so. Raiding 101 allows you to contribute this to your guild.


* While the guild may provide food, flasks and potions, a raider who is fully prepared will have those items prior to the first boss pull. Personal stat food is highly suggested for progression fights. In order to give us the best chance during progression, we need everyone to have the most optimal buffs possible in a raid environment.

* Pertaining to progression encounters; while ideally we should be pushing the DPS on every single boss, with the ones we've already killed it truly isn't necessary. However; on fights we have not yet killed and we need every possible edge we can get, pushing DPS is a must. For Raiding 101, make sure you bring an appropriate number of potions and use them effectively. Also, food may not be dropped every pull during progression nights to save guild costs so please bring appropriate food.

* Raid attendance is taken by the Raid Leader and/or Officers. Poor attendance can and will affect your chances of being in a raid on any given night and could also determine the outcome of a loot council decision on a drop.

* Any member who will not be able to raid on a particular night is required to post in the “Attendance Forums” at least 24 hours in advance (unless it isn't possible to do so). This will allow for the Raid Leader and Officers to know what potential options are for the raid night, and if we may need to change up our current plans because of lack of class / spec.

* Members of the guild leaving for extended periods of time need to let the guild know. If it is a private matter, please do feel free to talk to an Officer about it. You do not necessarily need to spell out why you will be leaving if it is something deeply personal, but the guild needs to be aware to adjust to your absence. Depending on the amount of time needed, you may be moved to Member status. Once you are back and have provided the Officers with enough confidence in your attendance, you can be moved back to Core status.


Mom's Basement Gaming uses the Loot Council system.

The Loot Council (made up of the GM, Raid Leader and Officers) is responsible for handling the loot each raid night.

Any discrepancies with Loot will be handled by the Guild Master or an Officer if the GM is not online.

* Loot will be distributed based on the following priority:

1. Core Raiders
2. Members
3. Recruits
4. Friends and Family / Non-Guild Members

* Raiders who want an item that has dropped will link their current item to Officer chat ( /o ), as well as give any pertinent information (completing a 4-Piece, BiS, Offspec, etc).

* The explanation of the current loot priority is that Recruits don't always make it or last the full trial period. Giving loot to Recruits over Members does not help the guild if the Recruit decides to leave or is not accepted upon completion of the trial period.

* When deciding loot we take many things into consideration; Attendance, Preparedness, Execution, Performance, current item level, the item being replaced, 2P or 4P bonus, and how many items a raider has received recently. Our goal is to distribute loot fairly and evenly, but there can be times when people don't agree with the decisions made by the Loot Council. The Loot Council will always choose the option which provides the guild with the best chance to succeed.

* Legendary items, Rare mounts and first-time mount drops are also subject to a Loot Council decision, or team vote (decided at the time of the drop).


* Each raiding member must review all boss strategies and watch the videos (if present) in the "Raid Forums" forum before coming to a raid. Questions/Concerns with the encounter should be posted ahead of time so that they can be answered and/or discussed before the raid.

* The forums will sometimes contain threads or polls which the Officers may ask for raid members to participate in. Please provide your input as this is how we can determine what the best decision is for the guild as a whole. If you do not speak up, we assume you are in silent agreement.

* Any issues with the guild or the need to discuss current policy may be brought up in the guild forums at any time. You may also speak directly to any Officer.

* The Officers and GM have the discretion to delete or edit any defamatory, inflammatory, rude or discourteous posts in the forums. Use your common sense and do not harass your fellow guild mates. The same philosophy applies to Guild Chat.

* If a raid member is not able to make a scheduled raid, they shall make a post within the “Attendance Forum” section of the forums. (See Attendance)

* Every raid member’s performance will be reviewed on a regular basis. Posts which pertain to increasing someone’s performance are encouraged but with good taste. Comments posted about other members performance needs to be focused on their improvement, and shall not be phrased in a way which is abrasive or in a negative light. All members must understand that other players will offer suggestions or their input on play styles, or talents. We ask that you not take offense to others input and be open to suggestions and trying out new things.

* Recruits may have brief meetings with an Officer after each week's raid schedule has completed to review their performance and listen to any suggestions or concerns they may have.


* The guild may provide gems and enchants to Core Raiders for their gear. Depending on the cost and availability, Epic Gems may only be available for raid gear and Rare Gems for lesser items.

* Epic Gems and Enchanting mats gained from raids (and disenchanted items) must be deposited in the guild bank so that we can continue to provide everyone with these items.

* BoE crafting patterns and items gained from raids are also deposited into the Guild Bank to be sold. The only exception to this is if the item is BiS for our current progression tier, then the item distribution will be decided upon by Loot Council.

* Donations are expected to be given by all members to the Guild Bank for raid materials, "fish" for "feasts" (carts), flasks and potions (or the herbs needed to make them). Be diligent in checking the Guild Bank to make sure we are not lacking in any of these areas, if we are, it is your responsibility as a Core Raider to make sure these items are stocked. If members do not have a gathering profession they can always grow them on their farm, or buy the items from the Auction House to deposit.


* Our goal is to never have to implement any disciplinary action, but they must be in place to make sure everyone knows there are boundaries.

Disciplinary actions include:
1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Benched for a raid week OR a 2nd Verbal Warning (depending on the offense at the Officers and GM discretion)
3rd Offense: Demoted to Member until such a time when the Officers feel the issue has been resolved OR immediate removal from the guild (depending on the offense at the Officers and GM discretion)

* Disciplinary actions can be taken for, but not limited to, the following:
Lude Chat/Vent Language
Trolling Forums/Trade Chat/etc
Continual Tardiness
Abscences without notification on the forums
Demeaning others
Ninja Looting
General Disruptiveness
Repeated Performance Issues
Lack of Preparation for Progression
Blatant Disregard for Officer Decisions

* In extreme cases, immediate guild removal may be used as the 1st Disciplinary Action (depending on the offense at the Officers and GM discretion)

Update 3/19/2013
Added distinction for Friend and Family and Non-Guild Member for raid composition and loot distribution categories.

Added new categories for disciplinary action:
Lack of Preparation for Progression
Blatant Disregard for Officer Decisions

Update 6/24/2013
Changed Backup Raider to Member as we no longer have the rank of Backup Raider.
General verbiage updates.

Update 9/30/2014
Changed "Core 13" to "Core 24" for Mythic raiding.
General verbiage updates.